Whether you wish to plan a trip to see nature and wildlife, learn about the history of the southwest or just want to get away from it all Arizona has a variety of places to see and things to do that will interest any recreational adventurer.

Day trips make a refreshing break from the chaos of the daily routine. They can also be cheap since many of the areas are distant from the city.

Arizona features a surprising range of terrain that includes desert, grassy lowlands, and vegetated mountain regions.  The climate found across the state also shows much variety.  And you don't have to travel far to appreciate this assortment of scenery. In the summer you can take a break in the cool, nearby hills, while the lower-lying areas are more popular in the winter months.

The Ak-Chin Indian Community was formed in 1912 and is located 23 miles south of Phoenix

The area belongs to a Reservation where over 90% of the residents are Native American.

The the land has much plant life and hills gently ring the valley.  The area features temperatures and sunshine levels far among the national average, while snow, humidity, and rainfall are well below the national average.  Most days are clear and sunny.

Major employers are Harrah’s Ak-Chin Casino, Ak-Chin Farms and the Ak-Chin Government.

Things to see and do include, first and foremost, Harrah’s Ak-Chin Casino.  A little bit of Vegas so close to Phoenix lets Phoenicians enjoy premium gaming and entertainment just a stone’s throw from their residence.

The Ak-Chin Community also boasts the nation’s first Eco-Museum.  The traditional museum structure is replaced by the land and territory at Him-Dak Eco-Museum, and the artifacts owned by the residents are the “museum’s” inventory.

Of notable historical interest is the Casa Grande Reservation National monument.  These ruminants of Hohokam Indian dwellings date from the 13th century.

See which features of this community appeal to you the most. 

History, nature, and memorable experiences are all a part of what Arizona offers those who live, work, and visit.  So consider the things this area has to offer the next time you take off to discover Arizona

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